Harley 1134-36 EL Linkert M-5 Carburetor 1936-39 European Reproduction

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You are purchasing a European reproduction Linkert M-5 carburetor in natural brass or bronze.   This was used on the EL Knucklehead  models from 1936 through 1939.  This has the adjustable main jet needle as original, externally vented 1 1/8" Venturi, throttle lever, nitrophyl float and a float lever that works correctly.  Gas inlet needle and seat are all metal, not a rubber tip that fails.   This is a good deal less than an original M-5 that still needs to be worked over.

The M-5 is "correct" for 1936-1939 61" OHV models.  Note, this is the three line 2-348 body as used 1940 and up,  Please study the photos.

This is a Samwel product and it is properly engineered, cast, machined, and equipped with premium reproduction parts throughout.  I've restored hundreds of Linkert carbs over the years and I'm very impressed with these.  Do note, we are not drop shipping these from a certain large warehouse parts company like a lot of "ghost" sellers on eBay do that own no inventory.   I personally inspect every carburetor that comes through our hands.  Take your chances with someone who doesn't even know what a Linkert carb is and can't support you after the sale or deal with someone who knows Linkerts inside and out.

The three line 2-348 body is identical to the M-55 replacement issued during the 1940's, you can't say that about the other reproductions from Asia on the market, the embossing on the carb body is not the same on those, ours are the same as OEM original.  We do have M-88, M-51, and M-51L carburetors available as well.

You can also buy the air cleaner mounting plates, carburetor connection to oil bath air cleaner, 1109-41M carb (inlet pipe extension) spacer, and we get the round short style air cleaners from time to time, as well as a ton of other military OEM, NOS, and excellent reproduction parts.  If you can't find what you are looking for here or cimarroncycleworks, just email and ask.

Located at and ships from Cimarron Cycle Works, LLC in beautiful Cimarron, New Mexico, USA!

Used as OEM equipment on the following:
  • 1936-1939 E, EL, ELS 61" OHV Knucklehead
PLEASE NOTE: When it's practical, I will gladly combine all your purchases into one shipment for a discounted rate.  

We work with a small group of dedicated craftsmen to bring you premium reproduction parts for your vintage Harley from 1915-1984.  We also have a rotating stock of OEM and NOS parts.

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