Harley DL RL WL WLA Servi 18" Plain Front Hub Spokes #3943-30 & 30A 1930-52

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You are purchasing one set of 40 new European made reproduction spokes for 18" front wheels used on 45 models from 1930 to 1952 45 solo and Servicar models using 18" drop center rims.  This style rim was used up through 1940 on Servicars then they changed up to the big twin style front wheel.  These may well have been used on single models with front brakes as well, please check your reference material to make sure.

These spokes have a raw steel finish.  You will need to parkerize, paint, or plate them to suit your preference or give your bike more of a ratty look and run them raw and let the elements age them with time.

You get 20 short spokes, 20 long spokes, and 40 nipples with this purchase, enough to lace up one front wheel.  Please check your reference material to make certain this is what you need.  

We also stock this spoke in a cadmium or parkerized finish as well and 18" and 16 spokes for drop center rims with star hubs on other listings.

We offer reproduction Kelsey-Hays 18" drop center wheels and star hubs, both the step type and later style hubs.  The rims are available in bare steel, cad, or chrome, just email and ask about current availability.  We can get a spoke for 16" WL front wheels in chrome or stainless.

Includes the following:
  • 3943-30 (new # 43027-30) "long" parkerized spokes- 20 each
  • 3943-30A (new # 43028-30) "short" parkerized spokes- 20 each
  • 3947-16 (new # 43098-16) parkerized spoke nipples- 40 each
  • Complete set with all spokes and nipples carries a kit part number of 43029-30 in later parts catalogs
We also sell fuel lines, oil lines, dash panels, etc. for 45, Knucklehead, UL, Panhead, K-Model, JD, VL, DL, RL, & Servicar.  If it's for a 1915-1984 Harley, we either stock it or can get it in short order.  If you don't see it there or cimarroncycleworks, just email us and ask. 

Located at and ships from Cimarron Cycle Works in beautiful Cimarron, New Mexico, USA! 

Used on the following models, please cross-check your own reference material to make sure this is right for you:
  • 1930-1931 D, DL, DLD 45" solo models
  • 1932-1936 RL, R, RLD, RLE  45" solo models
  • 1932-1940 R, G, GD, GDT 45" Servicar models (front only)
  • 1937-1952 W, WL, WLA, WLD and WR models with a hillbilly conversion using a stock WL front wheel.

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