Champion 18mm Air-Cooled Spark Plugs #3 Harley Knucklehead UL With Umbrella Fins

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You are buying one pair of Champion D-16 spark plugs with the air-cooled adapter kit I've been selling on eBay for some time plus reproductions of the aluminum cooling fin "umbrellas".  They will arrive completely assembled just as they are shown in the first photo. These are genuine D-16 18 mm plugs which works out to a #3 heat range for Harley-Davidson motorcycles.  This kit is pretty neat, it utilizes newly-machined air cooled hex with original styled threaded retainer rings which the original air-cooled plugs were equipped with to help with cleaning.  Essentially, you can use the included spanner wrench to disassemble the plugs for cleaning or to replace a broken or worn plug.  These are adaptable with other heat ranges using the same 18mm hex design from Champion.  Not sure about other brands if they will fit or not.  Neat part is the addition of the aluminum cool fins for your Knucklehead or flathead which has all the other really cool accessories.

This listing starts with 10 sets, that's all that are available at this point and time anywhere.

These are fully-functional and perfect for your daily or weekend rider.  They look just like original Harley and Champion air-cooled 18mm plugs.  Unless you are going for a concours restoration, why pay $350 for an NOS set or take a risk on some 70 year old spark plugs which might not work?  These are perfect for the antique motorcycle enthusiast who likes to enjoy riding their motorcycle.

The pair you are buying here is fully assembled and will arrive with the spanner wrench as shown in the first two pictures. You can remove the air-cooled structure and place it on subsequent sets of plugs over the years as you use up the plugs.  Quite a neat idea!

Used from 1909 to 1947 on Single, Twin, Sport Twin, J, JD, F, FD, Pea-Shooter, JDH, VL, VLH, VLD, Knucklehead: E, EL, F, FL, ELC, ELA, Big Twin Flathead U, UL, UH, ULH, UA, 45 Solo: RL, DL, W, WL, WLD, WLDR, WR, WLA, WLC; Servicar G and GE.

They probably would also fit Henderson, Ace, or Indian Chief and Scout models as well as automotive applications.  Please do your research to make sure you can use 18mm plugs if you are buying for a non-Harley application or a 1948 and later Harley as they generally use 14mm plugs.

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