Harley 13425-33 DL VL RL C Single Ride Control Upper Bracket 1930-39 Euro

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You are purchasing one European-made reproduction ride control upper bracket & spacer tube for all OEM cast iron I-beam forks as used on 1930-1936 VL models, 1930-1934 C Model singles, 1932-1939 G Servicar, and 1930-1939 45" D, R, and W models. This will fit either stock OEM or reproduction ride controls.  The finish on this is a flat black for corrosion protection, it's not what I'd call a "final finish".  You can either parkerize it or paint it.  The spacer is parkerized


We sell other damper parts for the I-Beam forks as well as the for 1936-1945 big twin and 45 models.  We also stock hard to find steering damper parts for these early models.  We stock one of the largest on-line selections of VL parts in the world including OEM NOS, and the best reproduction oil and gas lines, Mesinger saddles, dash with ammeter, wiring harnesses, lighting, primary parts, sheetmetal, etc. 


This is a very nicely fabricated piece and will bolt right on your original ride control.  


Located at and ships from Cimarron Cycle Works in beautiful Cimarron, New Mexico, USA!


Includes the following parts:

  • 13425-33 Lower right bracket
  • 13427-33 Upper bracket spacer

Used on the following models, please cross-check your own reference material to make sure this is right for you: 

  • 1930-1936 V, VL, VC, VLC, VD, VLD, VE, VLE, VH, VLH 74" & 80" side valve or flathead
  • 1930-1934 C Single 500cc or 30.50 cubic inch
  • 1932-1939 G, GD, GDT, etc. 45" Servicar
  • 1930-1939 D, DL, DLD, R, RL, RLD, RLE, W, WL, WLD, etc. 45" solo

I am more than happy to combine this with any other items you might be considering.


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